Dale and Janice Survive Alaska! 09/13/04
Jim Howe (left) and Donny Price (right) got us on this Alakan Bull Moose. So much for all of the long-distance practice we Jim called this guy all the way in to 73 yards!
After 9 days of hard, wet hunting, Dale and Janice finally scored their first moose. Jim Howe, our guide, called this bull in from over 800 yards. Watching him come in thru thick timber and brush, grunting at every step, was a heart-thumping, exciting adventure. A great hunt! Unfortunately, our outfitter, Kniktuk, dropped us off on a lake with a camp behind every rock, forgot to re-provision our camp for 8 days, and equipped us with a leaky tent! Jim and Donny were great, the hunt was great..but the outfitter gets a thunbs down. For the whole story, Click here!

Hunting Lease Magazine - The Television Series Appearance! 10/28/03

We received an invitation to go on a rifle Cow Elk and Mule Deer Buck hunt with our friends at Colorado Trophies ..and this hunt was to be filmed by the guys at Hunting Lease Magazine - The Television Series. We had a great time hunting with Keith, Milt, Hoss and Chip. Janice harvested a nice cow elk at 160 yards, and Dale tagged a Cow at 580! For the whole story.Click here!


Janice rolled this mature cow at a full trot from 160 yards. The whole thing was captured on television!
Dale nailed this cow from 560 yards....a great job of wind work from his hunting buddy, Janice!
Finally! Dale Scores with Archery! 09/09/03

What a great hunt! We spent 3 weeks in the high country! We spent the first week in Estes Park, Colorado, acclimating to altitude while hiking every day in Rocky Mountain National Park. We then hunted for 1 week with our friend, Joe Buckley, at Colorado Trophies . Finally, spending a week with Brian Newell of Elite Outfitters .

Dale scored this excellent Colorado 6x6 on the second evening, from 22 yards! We didn't believe it until now, but Archery Does Work! Read about the enitre trip by clicking here!

Beautiful Bronze Bull Elk Surprise! 08/15/03



Tom and Lynn Colander of Colorado Trophies paid us a visit while in town for a hunting show in Ft. Worth. They absolutely stunned us with a surprise gift of two beautiful bull elk bronzes by Lee Lester of Lester's Studios . We are not at all sure what we did to deserve such a wonderful gift...maybe it is an award for "most improved hunters" over the last 5 years! (from "Can't Shoot" to "Can Shoot")

Lee is not only a very talented artist, he is also an excellent guide, and we have enjoyed his company around camp for many years! Check out his art is really something!

Thanks again, Tom and Lynn!


Speedy Delivers New Rifles! 07/31/03

Speedy Gonzalez of S.G.&Y Precision Rifles has promised delivery of our new Nesika-actioned .270 WSM rifles within the month of July..I hope he means July, 2003! Speedy sometimes is slow...but it sure is worth the wait! I am sure these rifles will be tremendous shooters, just like their twins, our Nesika-actioned .300 Jarretts. We will keep you informed when we take delivery of these new rifles!

RIFLES HAVE BEEN DELIVERED! Developing loads now, getting ready for Deer season just around the corner!